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I began with web design in 1998, making my first website. From 2001 I began working for others and I keep on working. These are some examples of my work.


web  del  Ayuntamiento de Markina-Xemein Markina-Xemein Council website

The Markina-Xemein Council website was developed using Joomla! CMS and some Joomla! extensions. The website has been renewed with other version done by other people, but the version I did is still accesible on internet (don't know how long it will last) and you can see it clicking on the image.

Is a complex and large website, with a lot of sections and subsections, multilanguage (basque and spanish), news, events calendar, legal forms download, gallery, and so on.

It's a good example of Joomla! flexibility and ability to create a professional product. The contents of the website are made by the council employees, because you don't need to know anything about code or so to work with it. It's very easy.

Rosa Díaz websiteweb de Rosa  Diaz

Website developed with Joomla! CMS. It's a site about the works of the painter Rosa Díaz with a little bio and a contact section.

An example of a simple personal website made with Joomla!.

web de  Los  MiercolesLos Miércoles website

This is the site of the Pop Band called Los Miercoles. It was created using Dreamweaver, Flash and CSS.

The band decided to make available some songs under a Creative Commons License, so the site has a download section where you can also hear these songs.

It got other sections as a photo gallery, the band and their individuals bio, license and contac.

web  de  CasaMendiaCasa Mendia website

This was the first webpage I did for others back in 2001. Is a site for the rural lodging "Casa Mendía", in Azkona, Navarra, sited 10 km away form Estella. A peaceful backwater, three stores high house form the XVIII century.

It was created with HTML code, javascript and CSS.

Secovas websiteweb de  secovas

This is the webpage for the Secovas S.L. company. Very simple, it is exactly what the client asked for. Created with HTML code and CSS.

Txemi Jendrix websiteweb de  Txemi Jendrix

Well... yes, my own web page has been around in internet since 1998, hosted first in free servers, and since 2002 on my own space, paying and without publicity.

There have been four previous versions of this website, using all the things that have been around in all these years, from animated gifs and frames to javascript and tables. Now that it's on its 5.0 version I have used Joomla! CMS. It's easier to develop and mantain a site using this CMS.

If you click on the image to the left you will be able to see the former design made with Dreamweaver, javascript and CSS.

Other websites that disappeared

People says that everything is in the net, but that's not true. Thousands of pages have born and died after all these years and there's no record on them in the www. But at least I can show you some captures of the ones I did  and left the internet..


web  de  darmiDarmi Systems website

Darmi Systems was a Company focused on hardware, software and multimedia services. The web page was created using Dreamweaver, Flash and CSS.

I even made a wallpapers series using 3D and the logo, as you can see in the image to the left.

web  de  tecaliaTecalia website

Made with dreamweaver and CSS. Website for the interior design and furniture company Tecalia.

Valid XHTML and CSS.