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Nearly all the images you can see in the Contests gallery were made using three programs: Povray, Moray and Hamapatch.
Some of these programs are now almost fossils (Moray and Hamapatch) for different reasons.

As I use Linux, the clever solution was to change and use Blender that is my main tool since 2006. Blender is a great piece of software.
It is free, under constant development and has a big (and great) community of users. Available for win, mac, linux...

I have worked with other programs aswell. The last qualification I got was related to 3DMax in 2009. Very good software, but out of my budget.

Well, these are the galleries.


Old works submitted to contests, most of them to the Internet RayTracing Competition, a competition about 3D digital images running in the internet open to the whole world. Everybody can submit his images, professional or amateur and using any kind of 3D software (commercial, shareware or freeware). When I used to enter submissions to the Comp (1998-2003), there were a lot of entrants (usually 100 or more), but the contest disappeared.

Apart from that, there are some oddities, like the image I submitted to the Poster Contest for Bilbao's Fiestas in 2010. I link here the winner image so you can see how far I got form the target.


These are works of all my career, from 2018 to 1998. These were not submitted to any contest, were done for my own pleasure, or works for hire, most of them created with Blender. I hope you enjoy the selected ones.

Apart from that, most of the Wallpapers were made in 3D using Blender.