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New wallpaper for bodhi linux created with blender 2.59 and post processed with the gimp. This image was made mixing two different models created with blender. The first one is the wall of slabs; the inspiration came form a comic called "the eyes of the cat" by Moebius and Jodorowsky. It's a short story where Moebius draws a lot of buildings, taking special care in the architectural side. The second one is the mandala, a research on repetitions in blender.

None of them by themselves were good enough for my taste, but today I've merged both files and I've obtained an interesting render. Later I've been working with the render image in the gimp, and after adding some layers I've got this final result:


If you want to download it, you have a bigger version (1680x1050) in the Galleries, Wallpapers section.