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Fractal created with Apophysis 2.09 and postprocessed with the gimp.

I've been lately working wih apophysis, a fractal flame editor, trying to learn a little bit more about it, and so I've been reading manuals and tutorials to see if I finally understand how it works (and I think I'm getting closer). This program only works with windows, so I've been using Bill's software to do so, I hope someday there will be a linux version, maybe in my next reincarnation...

This time I have made two renders of the same fractal but using different colours and then I've combined them in the gimp. I've liked the result, fractals are beautiful in my opinion. if you click on the image you can get a slightly bigger version (1024x640).


This image has been added to the Fractals Gallery, where you can see more examples of fractals.