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Recently I have had an idea for an image, and to develop it I have to model some things, between them a pocket watch.

So let me show you a glimpse of the project and how it developes.

time version 0.1

The first thing to do, as always, is to search a reference for the model you are looking for in internet, so the job can be done as precise as possible.

I found an image of a pocket watch that I liked, so I used it as a reference in blender to model the body of the watch using an sphere and the arrows were created using curves.

When I was done with modelling, I began with texturing, using UV mapping for the numbers zone, adjusting the metal, glass and arrows textures, and a background so the metal and the glass can reflect something (looks bettter in my opinion).

And this is the result by now, that shows three different steps in the process. It will continue... See you.