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Hi all, websurfers.Finally you are here. Greetings

Welcome to the new version of Txemi Jendrix website. The old website was too complicated to mantain and expand that was useless. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

We have evolved from HTML to Web 2.0 using Joomla! CMS to develop the site, and I think the effort is worth it. Now I got a flexible and expandable site.

This change has brought new things to this site:

The galleries look better now (I think), and there are new images.
In the music section, now there's music and you can even hear it.
In both sections, aswell as here in the home page, you can leave your comments.
There's a new section called "Web Design", showing the web pages I've made.
This Home page is now a Blog.

There are also some things I have retired.

The galleries are different now. I have taken away almost all the text and some images that don't have the quality they must have... sure I forgot some.

I have deleted some sections:

Objects: They have been there for years and years and, actually, I don't work with those programs anymore. Right now I'm using Blender and perhaps in the future there will be something similar,  but it will depend on the interest of the people who visit this site. You can leave a comment about it.

Links: It's a priority matter. I have to make it but with new links (most of the old ones were obsolete). There will be a links section soon.

So this is the new web page, leave a comment if you want to. Hope you like it.

See you soon.