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It seems that soon we will return to the moon or at least that is discussed in scientific circles. The discoveries of water and helium-3, plus the possible future use as a basis for rocket construction and launchpad, appear to be sharpening their teeth to some who have almost prepared the paperwork for the plots they will own.

In the end, knowing that humans are as we are, it would not be surprising a slight reluctance of the moon to be inhabited, hence the title of the image: "What do they want now..."

Since the moon is a "kids tale's moon", as the star, I thought of incorporating the Tintin rocket as the vehicle to go straight to it.

What do they want now...

All the modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering was done with blender 2.54, the last beta available today.
The Gimp was used to merge it with the earth, that is a photograph from a japanese satellite that orbits around the moon, the moon and star glows and the rocket propulsion.

The image is also available at the 3D gallery, "Others" section.

Hope you like it.